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  • What is an Interim Care Order?

This is an Order that is made at the first hearing after Care Proceedings have been issued.  This Order can last for up to 8 weeks and can be renewed every 4 weeks after that.  The Order can only be granted if the Court feels there is good reason to believe that a child may be at serious risk of harm. 

When Social Services apply for an Interim Care Order, they have to have prepared a Interim Care Plan which sets out where the child should live until the final hearing.  This will include contact arrangements between the parent and the child.  Social Services must show the Care Plan to the parent(s) and should ensure that the plan suits the child's cultural, religious and racial heritage. 

The Interim Care Order, like a Care Order grants the Local Authority Parental Responsibility which means they are able to make decisions about the child's living arrangements and do not need the parents permission to do so. 

The Court can also grant other orders at the same time as the Interim Care Order such as an Exclusion Order which forces an adult who is believed to be dangerous to a child out of the child's home.