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This page gives Buy To Let Purchasers some information on SDLT when purchasing a Buy To Let Property

I am a First Time Buyer since I own no other property. Will I obtain the FTB allowance which is up to £300,000 on this purchase?

Answer – The FTB allowance up to £300,000 only applies if you are moving into the property on completion of the purchase or intend to do so within a short time. In these circumstances you would pay the standard rate of SDLT which is 2% between £125,000 and £250,000 and 5% over £250,000.

You would not however pay the Second Home Charge since this is your only property.

I own other property. Do I have to pay the Second Home Charge if I buy a Buy To Let Property?

Answer – Yes you would have to pay the Second Home Charge which is 3% on the total purchase price in the following circumstances. The property you purchase must have a value in excess of £40,000. It is important to note that it is the total gross value of the property. If you bought, for instance a property worth £50,000 in equal shares (whereby your share would be £25,000) it is the £50,000 that is the relevant figure.

You must then have an interest in your existing property of over £40,000. Please note that there is a difference in treatment between the property you are purchasing and your existing property. In your existing property it is your interest that counts not the total value. By way of example if your existing property was worth £100,000 and you own a one third share since that is below the £40,000 limit then you would not pay SDLT property that you have bought.

Please note that in calculating values it is the gross value that is relevant and mortgaes are disregarded.

I am purchasing a property through a limited company. What SDLT do I pay?

Answer – In all circumstances you would have to pay SDLT at the standard rate which is 2% between £125,000 and £250,000 and 5% over that amount. In addition you will in all circumstances will have to pay the 3% charge on the total value fo the property.


I own a Buy To Let property through a limited company and I want to buy a property to live in. In those circumstances what SDLT would I pay on the property I buy?

Answer – Ownership of a property through a limited company is disregarded if you are buying a personal property. You would therefor be able to get FTB allowance if you are planning to live in it yourself or you would pay SDLT at the standard rate as you are buying it as a Buy To Let.

This charge is three Percent of the purchase price. It is in addition to the normal rates for SDLT of 2% between £125,000 and £250,000 and 5% over £250,000. In certain circumstances if you buy for over £500,000 you will pay SDLT at 15% of the purchase price.

You will pay the Second Home Charge even if this is the first property that the limited company is buying.

Independent Legal Advice Certificates for BTL Properties

For various reasons individuals will frequently buy properties to let through a limited company. Campions Conveyancing Solicitors will deal with this Conveyancing. However a number of matters do need to be considered. One is that Directors will be required to sign a Personal Guarantee for all debts. This is because of the principle of limited liability. Limited companies have only limited liability for debts but individuals do not. Lenders will want to overide liability so they will require individual Directors to undertake responsibility for Company Debts. Directors will be asked to sign such a Guarantee. The Lender will require advice to be given by a Solicitor so that the Director cannot then raise a defence if action is taken against him or her. The Solicitor will then certify that advice has been given and that Certificate is passed to the Lender. This Certificate is called an Independent Legal Advice Certificate.

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