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Conveyancing General Questions

How long does conveyancing take?

On average a normal transaction would take from 6 to 8 weeks, however it is difficult to give a firm estimate as there are various factors which can affect the transaction such as waiting for your mortgage offer and enquiries that may be raised by either party. It is important to remember that a seller is upon the buyer and vice versa. Completion can only take place when all parties are ready.

If you have a particular deadline that you need to complete by, please advise us and we will try and work towards this date.

How often will you update me?

We will contact you whenever something happens! For instance, if we receive a search back like the Coal Mining search we will contact you by letter (or email if you request it) and advise you that we have received the search and inform you of the contents. If we need to you urgently we will usually contact you by phone and therefore it is important that you provide us with a contact telephone number.

How can I contact you during the transaction?

When you receive your initial letter from us, this will contain the names of the team responsible for your transaction. You can then contact that department by email, telephone or letter.

When should I give notice on my rented accommodation?

The only safe time to give notice or make any other binding arrangements is on exchange of contracts. If the notice period if four weeks the only 100% safe course of action is to exchange contracts with completion four weeks later. Once contracts have been exchanged, there is a legally binding contract and it is safe to hand in your notice.

If my buyer / seller pulls out can i sue them?

You can only sue if contracts have been exchanged as it is only then that the contract is legally binding. Please note that just because the contracts have been signed, the transaction is not binding. It is only when they are exchanged that they are binding.

If the contracts have not been exchanged then unfortunately there is nothing that can be done. This is a relatively rare situation however and it is important to remember that most conveyancing transactions proceed without incident.

What happens if my buyer / seller is delaying matters?

This situation can arise due to a number of reasons such as the other party could be waiting for their mortgage offer or other factors. At times it is a case of us contacting the other side and asking them to chase their client up, sometimes the agents will intervene.

Unfortunately there is nothing you can do to force the other party to deal with things quicker. In some circumstances threatening to pull out of the transaction can help but there is a risk that they will call your bluff!

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