Independent Legal Advice (ILA) Certificates

Independent Legal Advice (ILA) Certificates where individual directors are guaranteeing mortgages in the names of Limited Companies


Our Fees – subject to approval of matter: Existing Client £100.00 plus. VAT Not an existing client £120 plus. VAT 
Each additional ILA Certificate at the same time is: £50.00 plus. VAT

We reserve the right not to act if the total amount of the loan is over £250,000

We are dealing with ILAS during the period of lockdown using Whatsapp or Facetime. Please note that in all matters you must obtain approval from the lenders for this procedure.

Campions Solicitors Procedure When Advising on Independent Legal Advice Certificates Remotely.

The procedure that we adopt is as follows:

1. We receive the relevant documents from the Guarantor or his or her Solicitor.

2. We decide, taking into account Lenders Requirements, what we need to do to establish the identity of the Guarantor.

3. We then conduct a Whatsapp or Facetime interview with the Guarantor. We ask the Guarantor to sign the appropriate guarantee forms whilst we watch via Whatsapp or Facetime. Preferably the document should be witnessed by an independent witness who should sign and give his or her address. However at the present time this may not be possible. If the witness does sign we shall ask for evidence of the witness’s identity.

4. Whether or not the document has been witnessed we shall then ask the Guarantor to send a scanned copy of the document to us. If the Guarantor has not been able to obtain a witness we shall act as a witness. When attesting we shall state that we have only witnessed the document remotely via Whatsapp or Facetime.

5. The Whatsapp or Facetime call cannot be recorded. We therefore ring the Guarantor from our office phone which does record calls and we keep a record of the transcript. In the call we fully advise the Guarantor on the Guarantee and make sure that he or she is fully aware of all the provisions of the Guarantee Deed.

6. After we have spoken to the Guarantor and satisfied ourselves that he or she fully understands the Guarantee we shall sign the Independent Legal Advice Certificate. We shall then scan all documents back to the Guarantor or to his or her solicitor.

7. Of course we are prepared to amend this procedure in accordance with the requirements of individual Lenders.

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