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Leasehold Conveyancing

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What does leasehold mean?

Leasehold conveyancing tends to be more complicated then freehold. If you are buying or selling a Leasehold property, it is likely that the property is a flat, maisonette or a house under the Shared Ownership Scheme.

Deed of Variation

Sometimes Leases have to be varied. There are a number of reasons for doing so. The most common reason is to extend the term of the Lease. We deal with this elsewhere on our site here . However there are a number of other reasons why Deeds of Variation might be needed. There may be an obvious defect in the wording of the Lease, for instance a lack of appropriate rights or insufficient Landlords responsibilities. There may be defective plans attached to the original Lease which need to be corrected.

Another major reason for Deeds of Variation is that the existing Lease does not include all parts of the building that should be in the flat. The Deed of Variation should have plans attached to include those additional areas. Typically a loft space may not be included, a problem particularly experienced in London. Those Plans should be drawn to Land Registry standards in accordance with Practice Guide 40.

Our Services:

We deal with a range of Leasehold transactions including:

  • Purchases and Sales
  • Leasehold Extensions
  • Purchase of Freehold
  • Re-mortgages and Transfers
  • Shared Ownership

Referral Fees

We don’t pay referral fees to Estate Agents. Referral fees are fees that Solicitors pay to Estate Agents to recommend clients to them. That means if you are recommended a Solicitor by your Estate Agent it may be because they are getting paid to do so. In most cases the Solicitors fees will then be higher to reflect this payment.

Other Services

We also deal with freehold conveyancing (which are usually houses) and offer a range of other legal services including Divorce and Separation, Wills & Probate, General and Lasting Powers of Attorney and criminal law.

All clients need to be aware that you must only use the bank account that we will give you at the outset for sending money to us. Please at all times check our bank details carefully because false details can be sent by fraudsters.
You also need to be aware that there are cases where sellers are being impersonated by criminals. If you have any concerns about this when buying a property, please contact us immediately. 

See our Leasehold FAQ Page


VALUATIONS Campions Solicitors do not advise on valuations for Lease Extensions. If the matter is proceeding by Consent then you must make your own decision on whether the price given by the Freeholder is fair. If you would like us to serve a s42 Notice then you must instruct on the value. The value must be realistic and you should obtain a Valuation.

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For a payment of £70.00 including VAT upon instruction, you can rest assured that should your conveyancing transaction fall through, for whatever reason, you will not be charged any solicitors fees. This fee is payable per transaction and therefore if you had a sale and purchase with us you would need to pay £70.00 for each.

Should your sale or purchase fall through without having taken the No Move/No Fee option we will charge a fee as is reasonable for the amount of work done by that stage.

A discount of £20.00 plus VAT (£24.00) is available on all transactions if you are one of the following:

  • First Time Buyer
  • Cash Buyer
  • Buy to let Landlord
  • Previous client (where we acted for over the last 3 years)

If you qualify for this discount, simply deduct this amount from your total online quote and advise us of your circumstances on instruction.

Terms and Conditions

Only one deduction per transaction (e.g if both cash buyer and buy to let landlord we deduct £24.00).

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