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Campions Conveyancing  Solicitors Offer Low Cost Conveyancing. In addition to standard purchases and sales, the following are some of the additional services that we offer.

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We act on these transactions nationally. We have substantial experience of all the issues involved.

We specialise in new build home purchases.  We act for clients who buy both apartments and houses.

Our remortgage fees are extremely competitive.

We offer a First Time Buyers discount of £72.00 Inc VAT

A Transfer of Equity is where a co-owner transfers his or her share in a property to another co-owner. Sometimes The transfer takes place to both the other owner and a separate individual, normally the partner of that other owner. It may be under an agreement pursuant to Divorce or Separation. The transfer may be made for tax reasons although generally, a Deed of Trust is better if that is the purpose.

Unless the transfer takes place under a Divorce or Separation agreement then there maybe SDLT issues. SDLT can be payable on the amount that is paid and any mortgage or debt that is relieved by The Transfer.

We act on shared ownership matters where the property concerned is part owned and part rented from a Housing Association.

We act on both purchases and sales of existing properties. We also act on New Build Shared Ownership Properties.

This is a more complex area than Freehold Conveyancing. All flats have a Leasehold Title.  We do substantial amounts of Leasehold Conveyancing throughout the country, particularly in London.

The essence of a Leasehold Title is that the title is divided between a Leasehold which would be the flat or apartment and the freehold which is the structure of the building. Those would be indifferent ownerships although it is possible for The Leaseholder to own a share of the freehold in various ways in common with other leaseholders.

We act for clients who wish to extend their Leases by consent. This covers situations where it has been agreed been the Landlord and the Tenant that there is an extension. In these situations, the terms would be agreed and we are then required to carry out the conveyancing. As part of our duty however, we must advise Leaseholders whether or not the terms offered are reasonable. That, however, does not include advice on value since we cannot value. We are not qualified to give opinions on an appropriate level of premiums for Lease Extensions.

In these matters, we will issue on behalf of individuals an initial Section 42 Notice. We will serve that upon the landlord or the authorised representative.

In addition, we shall deal with the receipt of the Section 45 Counter Notice.

We can assist with negotiations but please note we can not provide valuations nor we can deal with proceedings before the First-tier Tribunal (Property Chamber).

We can also prepare and serve Section 42 Notices when acting for sellers who wish to serve a Section 42 Notice to preserve the purchaser’s rights. If that is not done then the purchaser will have no right to extend through a period of two years after purchase.

At the present time and throughout the period of lockdown we are giving advice on directors guarantees using a video link and recorded telephone call. We are therefore avoiding a personal attendance. That procedure is subject to approval of the individual lenders.

We act on Staircasing matters. These are matters where individuals who part-own a Shared Ownership Property wish to acquire further shares. The treatment of SDLT in connection with Staircasing can be quite complex.

We are frequently asked to act for individuals buying or selling small areas of land. We also have to consider issues which may arise such as Boundary Responsibilities, Rights of Way, Drainage Rights and Restrictive Covenants which may limit the use of the land.

So far as Restrictive Covenants are concerned they may particularly impose restrictions such as not building on the land, not using the land for commercial purposes or seeking permission from the Vendor for any development.

Application for Possessory Title can be made where it is suggested that the owner has obtained the land by Adverse Possession.

In the alternative, the owner may not be able to obtain evidence that he or she is the owner of the property. That situation would only arise in the case of unregistered title.

In the case of registered land, an application for Adverse Possession can be made after the person applying has occupied for 10 years.

Adverse Possession follows “Factual Possession”.

Factual Possession has been defined in a statement approved by The House of Lords as “Factual possession signifies an appropriate degree of physical control.”

This application maybe made where an owner of a property wishes to apply to register an Unregistered Title at the Land Registry. This will be because the owner of the property feels that the title is insecure if it simply based on title deeds and has not been registered.

We act for owners of properties who wish to redeem HTB Loans whether or not they are doing so using their own funds or they are Remortgaging.

We act in matters where following Probate or Letters of Administration an Assent is required to put the property into the names of beneficiaries.

We prepare Deeds of Trust for property owners. Deeds of Trusts are required if the owners of properties wish to make an agreement between themselves as to ownership.

There can be a variety of reasons as to why this might be done. The main reason is that upon purchase one party buying will have put a larger deposit into the property than the other. That buyer will then wish to have their deposit protected.

Another common reason for a Deed of Trust is because the document can transfer ownership between owners of a property without the need for a transfer of equity. The main reason for this (if a buy to let property) is because joint owners might wish to have the ownership transferred so that one owner receives a higher income for tax purposes.

A Deed of Easement is where a Deed is prepared over land to give a right over the land. Rights granted by a Deed of Easement are most commonly rights of way, rights of drainage or rights to use utilities and in particular electricity cables.

We can act either for owners who are obtaining rights over other land or we can act for owners of property where rights are being imposed over their land. Because of the variable nature of Deeds of Easement, it is not possible to give a set fee. Our fees are however competitive.

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