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The Collaborative Law process requires lawyers to practice in a way that permits a “team” approach.

Research has shown that a good divorce and settlement of children and financial issues is most likely to be achieved through a transparent process of discussions with trained legal professionals backed by family consultants.

All Collaborative Lawyers have to be experienced and undergo intensive training. The requirement of Collaborative Law is that all four parties (the clients and their lawyers) sign up to an agreement called a “participation agreement” which permits them all to co-operating with each other in a series of meetings to reach negotiated agreement that addresses both parties interests and concerns.

The benefit of Collaborative Law is that:
It allows the clients to benefit from expert legal advice without the risk of threat of Court action during negotiations.
The Clients set the agenda and therefore do not feel as if they are being pulled along a legal “conveyor belt”.
There should be less stress as the clients decide the pace at which the process progresses and always remain in control.
The process recognises that there is never only one solution to a problem and allows you to negotiate your own solutions with professional support.
Daniel Priest, a partner at this firm, practices Collaborative Law in the Nottinghamshire area and they are specially trained to assist you in resolving family issues without going to Court. As a Collaborative Family Lawyer they will act for you and have your best interests in mind but will also act with the other party and their solicitor to try and reach an agreement.

Part of the Participation Agreement is that all parties agree that they will not issue any proceedings through the Court without total agreement of all parties.

In fact, if the Collaborative process breaks down each party has to instruct a new lawyer to deal with matters. Collaborative Law is not available for those in receipt of Public Funding and there are some circumstances where it may not be advisable.

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