Financial Provisions for Children

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Frequently Asked Questions about Financial Provisions for Children

Are contributions made by a parent to childcare important?

Contributions made by looking after the home or caring for the family are regarded as being of substantial importance even if the party concerned has not worked in paid employment.

Who are considered children of the family?

Children are considered children of the family in relation to Ancillary Relief proceedings if:

  • They are children of both parties
  • If they are children of one party but are treated as children of the family

I have a disabled child, does that make a difference?

It can do. Clearly the needs of such a disabled child may well be increased in terms of financial assistance. In addition, if a child is disabled and over 18 years then that child could still be relevant to any settlement which would not normally be so in the case of a child aged over 18 years of age.

In what circumstances can an application be made for child maintenance?

The child would have to be a child of the family and no Order should be made in respect of any child over the age of 18 years or any child between 17 and 18 unless the child is in Education or Training or in certain circumstances.

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