Supervision Orders

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Guide to Supervision Orders

What is a Supervision Order? 

A Supervision Order would mean that the child remains where they are but that the Local Authority would then supervise the care of the child. The issues looked at would include whether the child is being kept clean and fed properly and whether the child is being raised in a stable environment.

Social Workers and other relevant parties (such as CAFCASS officers) will have access to come into the property to assess the level of care being given by the parent(s). If Social Services felt that the level of care being given to the child is not good enough, they may apply for a further order.

If a Supervision Order is made, the Local Authority will usually agree a “contract” or supervision plan with the parent. This will set out what is expected of them and the services the Local Authority will provide.

How long does Supervision Order last for?

A Supervision Order lasts for one year, unless the Local Authority asks the court for an extension (which can be up to two years).

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