GSB U11 Rovers Match Reports

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About Gedling Southbank Football Club

Gedling Southbank FC was formed in june 2006 an amalgamation of two well established clubs, Arnold Southbank (formerly Southbank) a senior club founded in 1972, and a junior club Gedling Southbank (formerly Gedling AFC) founded in 1992.

In 2012 the club was awarded Charter Standard Community Club status which is the pinnacle of the Charter Standard Award system.In 2016 we were awarded the Charter Standard Community Club of the Year Award for the East Midlands, which was then quickly followed by the National Award. To win the National Award is an incredible achievement given that the club has no home base but is testament to the great work put in by all the Coaches and Volunteers at the club. By being recognised as the best Grass Roots Football Club in England we know we are doing something right, but more importantly it recognises the high standards we have aspired to as a club both in our organisation and training and playing structure.

Our goal has always to be recognised as a true community club where we can provide the opportunity to play football irrespective of age, sex or ability. Our structure reflects this outlook where boys and girls can start as young as 3 in our little kickers section, progress from age 5 into our mini sections and then continue into our youth sections up to age 18. The senior section then takes over where there are opportunities to play at varying competitive levels, and you are never over the hill as we have a vets for the over 40s.

Ravenshead 0 – 1 GSB U11 Rovers

Well today my beloved GSB U11 Rovers visited Ravenshead Leisure centre to play Ravenshead .We have played this team on many occasions & being a very good game.We have never won here so this was another test of our strength.Well today was a friendly game so we used different formations,& players in different positions.It worked really well & we were the stronger team in the first half.The game started & we got into great positions,showing fantastic movement & skills on the ball.Well we held our own & went in at halftime score(0-0).We had chat with the team at halftime & made a couple of substitutions.We still seemed in control of the game,continued where we were first half.Well some fantastic movement & great set up,we scored a great goal by Ryan(score 0-1)The game continued & we could of have had a couple more.As the game wore on we even changed,our keeper Oli for Shay who done well.Before we knew ref blew for fulltime score was we won(0-1).We was missing a key player today in Jack W.Our M.O.M went to Oliver(Keeper)Each player played brilliant today even in the warm weather⚽️👍😀😀😀 Simon(Manager)


Priory Celtic 0 – 5 GSB U11 Rovers

Well today my beloved GSB U11 Rovers visited Kimberley,to play Priory Celtic We have previously played these so knew we would have a great game.The game started and within a minute we scored a fantastic goal,Jayden(0-1) The game restarted & we was playing some awesome football.We was moving,getting into great positions & passing the ball around nicely.We got into great position & scored a fantastic goal by Shay(12 mins)(0-2).The game restarted & with another fantastic finish we scored again Ryan(14 mins)(0-3)We did definitely have control of the game. During this game the boys were showing 150% work rate,I was very happy with every single player again Just before halftime we scored another fantastic goal by Shay(20 mins)(0-4)The referee blew for halftime,score at halftime(0-4)So we had chat & praised the boys.We made a couple of substitutions for the second half.Well the second half started & we continued to play some great football The way we was playing some awesome football,was a pleasure to watch.The boys broke with a fantastic move,bearing down on goal to score.Unfortunately the ball took a brief deflection & went in.It was an own goal(score 0-5)The boys continued playing excellent football until the final whistle.Our final score was(0-5)Today we was missing a key player today in Jack W.Our M.O.M went to Shay.Fantastic performance boys,so proud of you all as always.Simon


Bulwell Forest 0 – 2 GSB U11 Rovers (2/3/19)

Well today my beloved GSB U11 Rovers visited Bulwell Forest,to play against a good team who we have played previously.Whilst we was warming up we had rain,which quickly turned into hailstones.Within a short period of time it had blown over.Well we got the game underway & with the wind it was making game hard for both teams.In the end we seemed to settle & adjust & started to play some great football.We played upto halftime with the scores locked at(0-0)We discussed with the
boys our play & made some substitutions.Not long after the restart with some great football we scored a fantastic goal by Daniel(35minutes)(score0-1)The game restarted and we continued to play excellent football,involving a lot of passing & getting into great positions.We tested their keeper several times & he pulled off great saves.As the game progressed we seemed in great control of the game
Then with great build up play & the movement we scored another great goal by Daniel(58minutes)(score0-2) The game restarted and we continued to play some excellent football involving a lot of passing.I believe the whole team tried their hardest,under the weather & pitch conditions today.Our M.O.M went to Joe today.We was missing a key player today in Alex.Another great result winning(0-2)


GSB U11 Rovers 3 – 0 Bingham Town (2/3/19)

Well today my beloved GSB(U11 Rovers),entertained Bingham Town at Carlton Le Willows.The weather was good & pitch was great condition.We had played this team several times previously.Two teams ready to play some great football.Well the game got under way with plenty of passing & movements on show.We were getting into great positions & with an excellent pass,Chayse scored a great goal(score 1-0).The boys were showing a great deal of fantastic football,which was under a watchful eye of a Derby F.C scout.Well halftime approached & ref blew whistle.We had chat with the boys & made a couple of substitutions.We continued where we had finished first half & showing great possession.As the game progressed,Daniel scored a great goal (score 2-0)We switched some of our players & style of game plan.Not long & we scored another great goal by Shay.We was missing a key player today in Noah.Every play gave me 110%,our M.O.M went to Chayse.Final score won(3-0).


Arnold Town 2 – 3 GSB U11 Rovers(9/2/19)

Well today my beloved GSB U11 Rovers made a short trip across to(Eagle Valley)to play Arnold Town.The weather was dry & warm,pitch was immaculate condition.Both teams had previously no matches last week so both looking forward to great game We told players to go out enjoy,& do what they can do week in week out.We had some great positions & movements on display in first few minutes.Well it didn’t take long for us to score with great goal from Daniel(3 minutes)(score 0-1)As the game progressed we kept up our momentum,& with another great movement again we scored.This time Shay scored a great goal(6 Minutes)(score 0-2).We was in full control but opposition broke & scored from free kick(score 1-2)The boys didn’t let their heads drop & continued to work hard.It wasn’t long before we was awarded a Penalty.Shay stepped up & tucked away penalty(score 3-1)It then wasn’t long before the ref blew for halftime.We had a chat with the boys & made a couple of substitutions We told them to continue playing the way they were.We was unfortunate not to score again.Oliver made some fantastic saves/clearances when needed.In the last minute opposition were awarded a penalty.Wow world class save from our keeper Oli.But another player caught opposition in aftermath,so awarded another penalty.Unfortunately Oli was sent wrong way & they scored.Not long after the Ref blew for fulltime.Today i believe the whole team gave me 110%.Final score we won 3-2.We was missing 2 key players today in Jack W & George.Our M.O.M went to Henry who really ran his socks off & worked hard.Simon

GSB U11 Rovers 1 – 0  Wollaton/Bramcote youth (9/2/19)

Well today my beloved GSB(U11)Rovers entertained Wollaton/Bramcote youth at Carlton Le Willows Academy.It was very windy & you knew both teams,were going to have to play extremely well due to conditions.The game started with a lot of stray balls due to the wind.We then seemed to settle & take control of the ball better.The boys seemed to be passing the ball around nicely & getting into great positions.With a great goal we scored a fantastic goal by Jack L(score 1-0)The game restarted & we continued to play some great football.Before we knew it the ref blew for halftime.We had a chat with the boys & made few substitutions.We continued where we had left off & got into opposition half alot more.We tried our hardest to score & was very unlucky on a few occasions.The boys all played very well.We was missing 2 keys players today in Joe & Jayden.Our M.OM went to Alfie.⚽️😀😀Simon

Moorgreen Colts 0 – 4  GSB U11 Rovers (26/1/19)

Well today my beloved GSB(U11)Rovers visited Moorgreen Colts at Eastwood.The pitches were very muddy in parts.This was our 1st game of Spring League,& both teams were up for this game.Well as the game started you could tell both teams were passing the ball around & getting into great positions.The boys then seemed to up the tempo,& talk to each other.Well with some great moving & passing we scored a great goal by Daniel(0-1)We then had to make a substitution & within a minute a great goal by Jack L(0-2)We did continue playing great football,& the Ref then blew for halftime.We made few substitutions & the game restarted.I can say that the boys continued to play some terrific football,quality movement & passing. With a great set up we scored a great goal by Jack W(0-3)Well we made some alterations to team & put players,in different positions & the excellent football continued.With a great move we scored again,Jayden tucked it away(0-4).Final score we won(4-0)The boys played fantastic football to the final whistle We was missing a key player today in Alex.Our M.O.M went to Shay.🏆⚽️⚽️😁😁Simon

Stapleford (Blue) 1 – 1  GSB U11 Rovers (19/1/19)

Well today my beloved GSB U11 Rovers visited Stapleford(Blue)at their ground in Stapleford. The pitch was very boggy due to the overnight weather. Both teams were up for this game,their was plenty of passing & movement on show from both teams. I noticed as the game wore on,we were taking more control & the opposition were getting frustrated. We got into fantastic positions & were soon rewarded. Well with a great movement from Jack L & terrific pass Chayse put the ball in net(score 1-0). The game restarted & the opposition heads did drop & their assistant was telling them to concentrate. Unfortunately just before halftime we conceded a penalty,which was tucked away(score 1-1). Not long after the Ref blew for halftime. We had a chat with the boys & made a few substitutions. The game restarted & throughout this half,weq seemed to have more control but the ball wouldn’t go in the net. Overall very impressed with the team performance & M.O.M performance went to Joe. We was missing a key player today in Alex. Final score(1-1)

GSB U11 Rovers 2 – 1 Bulwell Forest (12/1/19)

Well today my beloved GSB U11 Rovers entertained Bulwell Forest at our home ground Carlton Le Willows Academy. The pitch was in immaculate condition & the weather was fine. Both teams were playing their first game since Christmas Holidays. You could see both teams wanted to get an early goal. Well after some neat movement Bulwell scored(0-1). Well we didn’t say a thing to our boys,we heard them say to each other don’t let our heads drop. After some quality passing & movement we scored a great goal just before halftime(Jack L-score 1-1). It wasn’t long after that the Ref blew for halftime. We had a chat with the team & made some substitutions & discussed positions. The game recommenced & the boys had upped their game. They were showing excellent passing movement & getting into great positions. Well against the run of play we scored another great goal(Ryan-score 2-1) From then we just played excellent football & the opposition were very frustrated. It was a great game to watch. Every single player played awesome today Our M.O.M went to Ryan. We were missing a key player today in Jack W.


Thanks for your support

First of all thank you so much for supporting our  U11 Rovers boys team this season, it’s really appreciated.

I don’t know how much you know about the club but we have been going now for about 13 years and are tremendously proud of the grassroots community club we have built up in that time. We have managed to work towards achieving what we set out to do which was to provide the opportunity for boys, girls, men and women to get involved in playing football both for pleasure and with the competitive element that comes with team sports and have some 45 teams playing the game competitively. But this can’t happen with out the army of volunteers and sponsors like yourself which help sustain and build the club.

We are a fairly unique club in Nottinghamshire in two respects, one for the size of club we are we don’t have our own facilities for training ands playing matches so we have to look for partnerships with schools, sports centres and Gedling Borough to enable us to ensure we have those facilities. The second aspect is we decided a few years that we would behave like a community club and try and work with and put back into the community that we all hail from. What this means is that we try to support other needy charitable causes through fundraising alongside the football and social events we organise, and throughout the clubs lifetime to date we have raised money for those less fortunate than ourselves.  Our efforts were incredibly recognised in 2016 when we were awarded the Charter Standard Community Club for the country which was presented to us at Wembley at the Community Shield match in August, it was made very clear to us then at the award ceremony how impressed people were with our fundraising back into the community from which we came!

But we can’t rest on our laurels and for 2019 the Club has partnered with Wish Upon a Star to run fundraising events throughout the year both for the benefit of the charity and the club. One of the events that is already set up are two charity football matches with the AC Wollaton charity football team who play matches with local clubs to raise funds for charitable causes. On Wednesday 13th March the club 1st team will be playing the AC Wollaton All Stars team  and on Wednesday 3rd April a Gedling Southbank Vets team (we have two so they will be a combination of both) will play the AC Wollaton Charity Vets team. Both games will be played on the main pitch at Arnold Towns ground and we are setting up an evening of events to support the match. The club would like to invite you along to either or both of the evenings to enjoy our hospitality (there will be a buffet and tea and coffee and soft drinks provided, good matches to watch and a few light fundraising activities taking place. We have asked some of our younger boys and girls teams to be mascots on the night to the teams and they will have some light hearted pre match competition on the pitch before the main game.

The Clubhouse will be open from 6.00pm both evenings with activities starting shortly afterwards with the main match kick off 7.45pm.  We would love to see you – please bring along family members to join in the fun. All I would ask is you RSVP me and on what night(s) with numbers if you are able to attend to assist us with catering arrangements on the night.

Really hope you can come along so we can thank you in person for your support on what should be two great nights of football combined with socialising and fundraising towards a very worth cause.