New Homes- Dealing with inadequate work

New Homes- Dealing with inadequate work

This week  a new report has come out suggesting how the vexed issue of inadequate work on new homes might be dealt with. This is a constant issue when buyers buy a new home, find faults and struggle to get redress. This report Better Redress for Home Buyers proposes that there be Ombudsman who can rule on disputes and award up to £50,000.

If the compensation is over this figure the matter can be referred to Court. In rare cases the sale can be reversed.  A recent survey by the Home Builders  Federation and NHBC shows that 98% of new home buyers had to complain of defects. It is proposed that the Scheme cover the first two years after purchase.  It is suggested there may be a snagging App whereby buyers can send details of defects to builders.

If builders fail to deal with these issues the matter can be referred to the Ombudsman. The Scheme would be modelled on the The Property Ombudsman. (The TPO.) This is the Ombudsman who deals with Estate Agents disputes and provides redress and sanctions if appropriate.

It is hoped that if the Scheme comes into force then there will be an improvement in standards. By Campions Property Lawyers Nottingham and Derby

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