Solar Panel Leases

Solar Panel Leases

Campions Derby Property Lawyers are in Pride Park. Campions Nottingham Property Lawyers have offices at Mansfield Road, Nottingham. They give the following advice on Solar Panels where you are buying under the Right to Buy or Right to Acquire. The advice also applies to properties already bought from a Local Authority/ Housing Association that you are buying where there have been Panels installed by the Local Authority/HA. It does not apply to Panels installed by private suppliers.

The advice we give in these circumstances is the following:

“Your property has a Solar Panel Lease. The Legal position is as follows. You are the Landlord of the Solar Panels and the  Tenant is the Local Authority. You let the Panels to the Local Authority. The Local Authority receive any Feed In Tariff,(FIT), that would be received for electricity supplied to the grid. Put another way payments are made to owners of Solar Panels at varying rates for electricity supplied and here the Local Authority obtain the benefit. You though will receive the benefit of free electricity.

The Lease is for 25 years. You have a right under the law to get rid of the panels after that time but not before. The Panels in the case of Local Authorities will be fully compliant with all Statutory Consents. These arrangements are not negotiable.

We see one big disadvantage. With the pace of technological change these panels may become obsolete and replaced by new and more efficient methods of obtaining solar power. You may be left with these panels.”

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